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Tree RemovalTree removal is a process which homeowners should generally not attempt themselves, given the fact that there is a high risk of personal injury, as well as the potential for damage to property nearby. This is especially true in the case of larger trees which have been in place for many years, and have actually grown too large for the environment they were originally planted in. When you’re faced with the need for having a large tree removed from your property, the company in the Dallas area which you should contact is BCS Tree Service.

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Let the Professionals Safely Remove Your Tree

The tree itself should always be removed in a professional manner by a knowledgeable specialist who has had years of experience with tree removal. Our BCS Tree Service specialists have this kind of experience, and will know the correct approach to removing any size tree which you might have. If you do have a larger size tree, one of our specialists will climb the tree and remove the larger limbs, so they present no kind of safety hazard during the removal process.

After this, it will be safe to actually cut down the tree, so that it doesn’t fall in a direction which might cause harm. Once the tree has been cut down, the best thing to do is to have the stump removed as well. In most cases, a homeowner will elect to have both the tree and the stump removed at the same time, since the stump would pose a safety hazard if left in place.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can pose a tripping hazard for youngsters who play in the area, especially if grass or weeds grow up around the stump to obscure it from sight. The stump will also be an obstruction when you’re mowing the lawn in that area, since you would have to try and mow all around it. It could also become a haven for insects which might want to either live in or consume the rotting wood of the stump. That of course would promote decay, and it would create a health hazard in your yard.

Certified Arborist Tree Care Service

Why choose BCS Tree Service for Cutting Down Your Trees?

We have had over 20 years of experience in the tree removal business, and we are committed to providing excellent tree care to our customers, and to minimizing any impact to the area where our services are provided. Even when we do stump grinding to remove the tree stump, there will be virtually no traces of the work which is performed at the site, other than the removal of stump.

We are insured and licensed so that you can be confident in the tree services we provide, and we’re fully protected in the case of any accidents which may occur. Whenever you need any kind of tree service such as tree or stump removal, trimming, planting, or investigating a tree which seems to be in poor health, we hope you’ll call us at BCS Tree Service. Contact us today with any questions you might have, or to obtain an estimate for some work you have in mind.

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