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On the northeastern shore of Lake Ray Hubbard lies the town of Rockwall, TX, which also happens to be situated just a little northeast of the great city of Dallas, TX. Among other things, this town is host to the best tree maintenance and care company in the region, BCS Tree Services. Our specialists are well-versed in all aspects of tree care, regardless of the kinds of trees you might have planted on your property. Some of the most popular trees which our clients have on their property include the live oak, Spanish oak, cedar elm, Texas ash, black cherry, and the Mexican white oak. However, the expertise of our arborists is not limited to these varieties, and they can expertly manage any kind of tree in your yard.

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Rockwall Tree Service

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Rockwall Tree Pruning, Trimming, Removal & Emergency Service

Trees are always in various stages of growth, and are subject to a number of different factors in the environment where they’ve been planted. That means there are quite a few different services which are sometimes necessary in order to keep them healthy and looking their best. For instance, if the Rockwall area were to be invaded by a particular species of harmful insects such as the red oak borer, it could devastate any oaks on your property and leave them defoliated and struggling to survive.

If a tornado or strong wind swept through the region, it could cause severe damage to any kind of tree on your property, possibly even uprooting it so it could no longer survive. In cases like these, emergency tree service would probably be necessary, so that the damaged tree could be removed and the safety hazard could be avoided. We can handle emergency services whenever they’re required, and your yard won’t be a mess after we’ve finished the job. Even the stump can be ground down, so as to eliminate the possibility of a safety hazard for family members who might be playing in the yard.

There are of course, many less spectacular kinds of services required by trees during their natural development. It’s very common for pruning and trimming to be needed, so that dead branches can be removed and new growth can be emphasized. Trimming will also help to keep your tree looking as shapely and attractive as possible, and that’s one of the chief reasons for planting them in the first place.

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Regular maintenance for your trees will ensure that they remain healthy and great-looking throughout the different phases of their normal life cycle, and that they’re always providing shade, or lending their natural beauty to the improvement of the overall landscape. When the trees on your property require any of these services, make sure to call the Rockwall tree service which has skilled professionals ready and waiting to tackle any kind of ordinary or emergency service, BCS Tree Services.  We also offer Garland Tree Service and the surrounding DFW region.

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