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If you happen to live somewhat northeast of the great city of Dallas, TX, you are probably close to the city of Garland, TX, and that means you’re within the service area of BCS Tree Services of Garland. Our specialists have years of expertise in managing any kind of trees you might have planted on your property, and we can ensure that your trees remain in good health, and that they are always looking their best.

If you should avail yourself of our regular tree maintenance service, we can visit your premises regularly to carry out whatever maintenance services may be needed at the time to make your trees thrive in their setting. Of course, we also provide a number of other services beyond regular maintenance, and there may be times when you would need these services as well.

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Garland Tree Service

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Garland Tree Pruning, Trimming & Removal

Trimming and pruning your trees is much more than just pleasant yard work you might engage in when the weather is nice, and it actually serves a very important purpose. It can remove weak, diseased, or dead branches, so that the main section of the tree retains good overall health. Any safety hazard which might have arisen because of the dead branches will also be alleviated. In some cases, homeowners simply wish to have certain branches removed, so they can maintain a line of sight through their back yard, or in the front so they can see the curb. Trimming and pruning will make your trees much more attractive, and keep them at their healthiest, especially if done on a regular basis.

Garland Emergency Tree Service

There are occasions when emergency tree service is needed, such as in the aftermath of a storm during which some trees have been uprooted and blown over. While this is very unfortunate, particularly in the case of a very mature tree, about the only thing which can be done in such cases is to have the tree removed, so it doesn’t present a safety issue and so it doesn’t become a haven for wood-hungry insects. Tree removal is sometimes desired by homeowners even if the tree is still healthy and hasn’t suffered any storm damage. Sometimes trees simply outgrow their surroundings, and must be removed so as to provide more space for family members to move about the yard.

Tree Service Near Me – Garland, TX

If you suspect that any trees on your property are being attacked by insects or other vermin, by all means contact us at BCS Tree Services, so we can visit your premises and diagnose the issue. Assuming we have been called in at an early juncture, we should be able to save the tree and eliminate the infestation. This is very important, because if even one of your trees has been attacked, it’s very likely that the infestation will spread, either to other trees in your yard, or to others in the neighborhood. For any of these special tree needs, please call us at BCS Tree Services. We also offer Dallas Tree Service and the surrounding DFW region.

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