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Midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas lies the community of Arlington, TX, which is home to the best tree specialists in the region, BCS Tree Services. If you have any trees planted on your Arlington property, you may have need of some of the specialized services we provide to clients for the purpose of keeping trees healthy and looking their best. Some of the services we provide are described below, and if you should find yourself in need of any of these services, don’t hesitate to contact us at the earliest opportunity.

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Arlington Tree Service

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Tree Services we Offer in Arlington: Trimming, Removal & Emergency Service

The tree services we provide to our Arlington clients can range anywhere from the ordinary to full-on emergency situations. Our expert arborists are equally adept at topping and shaping, pruning and trimming, and providing emergency tree removal when circumstances call for it. Topping and shaping might be needed for trees whose crowns have grown too large and must be cut back and shaped, so they can continue to remain healthy and attractive. Trimming and pruning serves a very useful function by removing branches which are either dead, diseased, or weakened by natural causes or infestations of insects.

By removing these unhealthy branches, new growth can be promoted and your tree will end up being much healthier than before. Some branches also present a safety hazard, being low to the ground and in a position which might potentially harm youngsters playing in the yard. Homeowners do also sometimes wish to have specific large branches removed so that a line of sight can be restored, either in the back yard or out in front. In any case, unhealthy or unwanted branches can effectively be removed by trimming and pruning.

Trees can also become severely damaged when strong winds or storms move through an area, and Arlington has been known to have this happen. On June 17th of 2019, four separate tornadoes touched down in the North Arlington section and did considerable damage, even though they weren’t on the ground for very long. Powerful winds can easily uproot trees and necessitate their removal, before a safety issue can occur for people of the neighborhood. Our specialists can perform emergency tree removal quickly and efficiently, so that downed trees don’t become a problem.

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Of course, there are other reasons why trees might need to be removed, for instance the simple fact that a tree may have grown too large for its surroundings. If you need a tree removed for any reason, or if you simply require normal maintenance on your trees to keep them looking attractive and healthy, the company to contact is BCS Tree Services of Arlington. Our trained arborists are always ready to provide a full range of services for any trees you might have planted on your property, and we’ll be glad to visit your premises to diagnose any suspected health issues for your trees.  We also expand to Rockwall Tree Service, Frisco Tree Service and the entire DFW area.

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